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hc_fanficawards's Journal

House/Cameron Fanfic Awards
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House/Cameron Fan Fiction Awards
Welcome to the House/Cameron Fanfic Awards!
In this community you can nominate and vote for your favorite House/Cameron stories and authors.

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Rules and Guidelines

-- Eligible stories include those written (or completed) between November, 2004, and April, 2012, and the stories must be finished/completed.
-- As tempting as it is, please find work other than your own to nominate.
-- Please don't inundate the awards with your favorite author by placing all their stories in each category. Really focus on great stories that fit the category – there are some really well known authors out there that deserve recognition – but there are also some newer authors that deserve it too.
--You can nominate one story for each category.
-- An author can have more than one story nominated as long as it isn't in the same category (Ex: JaneSmith has a story nominated in Chapter Fics and in Oneshots– that is fine – JaneSmith can't have two stories in Chapter Fics)
-- If someone nominates an author for a category that they already have a nomination in, the author must choose which story they want to be in the category.
-- All categories are open to any rating and any style.
-- Nominated authors will receive a comment at their LJ notifying them of their nomination.
-- Authors that have been nominated but do not want to participate can have their stories pulled – just send a PM to the moderators directly.

1. Angst: for stories just filled with heartbreak, arguing, etc. This category is subdivided into:
Angst: Long for stories with multiple chapters.
Angst: Short for oneshots.
2. AU: Alternate Universe, the same characters in a different world.
3. Character Study: specific story around a character or an inside look into their psyche. This category is subdivided into:
Character study: Cameron
Character study: House
Character study: H/C
4. Drabbles: stories that are no longer than 150 words.
5. Episode Specific: stories related to a specific episode. This category is subdivided into:
Ep. Specific: Long for multiple chapter stories.
Ep. Specific: Short for oneshots.
6. Fluff Fics: stories that are warm and fuzzy.
7. Humor/Parody: stories written for the sole purpose of humor or parody.
8. Prompt: stories that were inspired by a prompt (picture, word, quote, or song/lyrics).
9. Romance: stories that include romantic themes; they can be with or without smut. This category is subdivided into:
Romance: Long for multiple chapter stories.
Romance: Short for oneshots.
10. Series: is for stories that have two or more full finished stories relating to a single storyline or arch.
11. Smut: is for stories with no plot, just smut. Or stories with plot, but the main focus is on the smut.
12. Holiday: is for stories centered around a holiday (Christmas, Halloween, etc.).
13. Baby fics: for stories where a baby is involved.
14. Established Relationship: for stories where House and Cameron are already together.
15. Drama: is for stories that are full of drama, suspense and/or hurt/comfort.
16. Friendship/general is for stories that focus on House and Cameron as friends or colleagues.

How to nominate:

Here's how to nominate a story:
-- Reply to the nominations post – state the category, author, title, and a link to the story. Do not send a link to password sites. The link should go directly to the story. No Anonymous Posts – Any nominations submitted anonymously will not be added to the list.
- Once nominations are closed, the voting will begin.
How to vote:

-- Copy the code from the official voting post. Paste it into a comment and put an X next to each story you wish to vote for. All comments are screened.
-- Please do not keep voting for your favorite author or story. The mods are trusting that we are all adults and will not stoop to child-like behavior.
-- Once voting is finished, the votes will be tallied and the winners announced.
-- Winners will be able to pick a shiny banner for their specific category.

The idea for this was modeled off of the csifanficawards community, so kudos and thanks goes to the lovely team who run that.

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