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Voting is now OPEN

First off, we know it's been a bumpy ride over the last couple of months. Thanks for sticking with us through it all. It's much appreciated!

And now for why we're here...

It's time to vote for your favorite House/Cameron fanfic!! *cue applause* I've posted the links to the stories in case you wanted to go see them again before you cast your vote.

Unfortunately, we didn't hear back from a few people to approve their fics so their entries have been deleted. :(

Angst: Long

Moving back
By Hameron Fan
nominated by sharp2799

Under the Same Moon
by Holadios
Nominated by ladyofshalott06

Angst: Short

Walking Away
by Waylandsmithy
Nominated by: Cassandra_elise

by Sarrie5
Nominated by Hilandmum

Laughter As it Lays
by fated_addiction
nominated by: sharp2799


The Last Post
by Jesmel
Nominated by: Jellybean728

by waylandsmithy
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
nominated by sharp2799

Character study: Cameron

Goodbye For Now
by sarrie5
Nominated by :Cassandra_elise

I am the Desert
by Jellybean728
Nominated by sharp2799

Character study: House

Dr. Jekyll and Dr. Hyde
by neverknewxo
Nominated by: Cassandra_Elise

Truth in Fiction...
by waylandsmithy
nominated by sharp2799

Ep. Specific: Short

My Lungs in Your Hands
by fated addiction
Nominated by Cassandra_elise

by Del Alen
Nominated by sarrie5

Lady in Red
by el-d-champ
nominated by sharp2799

Fluff Fics:

the germans wore grey, you wore blue,
by marlonbrando
nominated by sharp2799


Who's Your Daddy
by Shootingstar7123 aka LadyofShalott06
Nominated by: Cassandra_Elise

What Dreams May Come
by waylandsmithy
nominated by Sharp2799


Feels Like Rain
by MaybeBaby1280
nominated by sharp2799

Feels Like Rain
By Sharp2799
nominated by blueheronz

(And no, you're not hallucinating, there are REALLY two fics with the SAME NAME haha. Make sure you have the correct author's name when you vote)

Romance: Long

by Hughville and Pyewacket_1975
nominated by: Hilandmum

Moving on
by hilandmum
Nominated by sarrie5

In Beauty It Begins
by firstdonoharm
nominated by sharp2799

Romance: Short

by 0penhearts
Nominated by sharp2799

Dating in the Dark
By IloveHLaurie
Nominated by pyewacket_1975


Untitled Series - Starting with Check Your Facts
by Fated_addiction
Nominated by romantic_india


by blueheronz
Nominated by sharp2799

Movie Night
by pyewacket_1975
nominated by ladyofshalott06


The Christmas Crossover Crack From Hell or How House’s Hair Envy Helped Him Realise That He Loves Cameron!
by jesmel
Nominated by: jellybean728

Candy Cane
by jellybean728
Nominated by: hilandmum

And So This is Christmas
by everytimeyougo (accepted)
nominated by: ladyofshalott06

Baby fics:

Baby Fever
by hughville
nominated by ladyofshalott06


Undisclosed Location
by NiiceLaady
nominated by sharp2799

time will tell you nothing but i told you so
by blueheronz
nominated by ladyofshalott06

The Difference
by everytimeyougo
nominated by sarrie5

Established Relationship

by Phoenix girl23
nominated by sharp2799


Glass House
by NiiceLaady
nominated by sharp2799

So, I guess you want to know how this is going to work, well, I'll tell ya :) It's quite simple. 

All you do is go to hcam.ffawards@gmail.com and submit your entry. What you need:

Your LJ user name
Title of the fic you're voting for
Author of the fic being nominated

Thats all! There is to be no anonymous voting. And just so you know we're keeping it real, we have two people not involved with Live Journal to tally the votes. Once an entry has been counted, the email will be deleted. We will not give out any email addresses to anyone.

We'll leave voting open for one week and see how it goes. 

If you have any questions, ask away in the comments. hughville , maybebaby1280 , lunschen  or myself will try and answer them as quickly as we can.

Happy voting! And good luck to all the nominees!!

House/Cameron FanFic Awards Mods


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Nov. 9th, 2010 04:37 am (UTC)
Um...I think it's unnecessary to flag any noms as new...after all, they're all new to people voting since this is the official list.
Nov. 9th, 2010 04:53 am (UTC)
good point. I guess they're considered new to me since the last update I did ;) They're from people who took longer to reply to the emails we sent them about their nomination and so they didn't show up on the first two postings I did where I listed the current nominees.
( 2 comments — Leave a comment )